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About CEPA Güímar

CEPA Güímar is an Adult Learning Centre in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

Most of our students are Secondary Education learners. We’ve been working on how to teach and learn through peer-mentoring, which is the objective of our Grundtvig Learning Association, since September 2012 on. That means that we’ve been developing strategies and activities to do so.

  • DEFINITION: Teams of students become “experts” in a given subject or topic. That way they can share their knowledge and abilities with their classmates. In other words, their partners will learn from those “teams of experts“, which rotate with every different chosen topic.
  • PRACTICE: Every student has the chance to belong to a “team of experts”.
  • SCHOOL SUBJECTS: We’re putting this methodology into practice in several subjects, such as Spanish Language and English.
  • TOPICS: The topic each team becomes “an expert” in, is provided by the teacher, and it’s part of Secondary Education syllabus for adult education.
  •      Spanish Language and Literature
  •      English Language