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Teachers and learners from five countries will come to Güímar on 11, 12 and 13 November to participate together with Güímar Adult Education Centre in a Learning Association.


Involved in “Grundtvig” project, related to Adult Learning, a group of teachers and learners from five European countries (Germanay, France, Greece, England and Ireland) will come to Güímar, to participate together with CEPA Güímar (Centro de Enseñanza de Personas Adultas de Güímar) in a Learning Association.

This project has as an aim the learners’ participation in international cooperation activities related to academic subjects such as European Citizenshup, languages, intercultural language, European history, integrity and society, assessment and adults guide.

On Monday 11th November (at 9.30 am), there will be a welcome meeting at Casa de la Cultura de Güímar. From that moment on, learners will enjoy their visit to our island.

The responsible for the area of Education in Güímar Town Hall, Ms Loly Rodríguez, congratulates CEPA Güímar’s teachers and learners for their work to make possible this meeting.


 Ayto Güímar

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Teacher at CEPA Güímar, Tenerife (Spain) Participating in a Learning Association (Grundtvig) with five more countries: Greece, France, Ireland, UK and Germany.

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