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Newspaper articles on EU Peer-Mentoring project.


Attached are some newspaper articles that appeared in the Leinster Express and Laois Nationalist newspaper in Portlaoise, County Laois, Ireland.  The articles mention some of the peer-mentoring ctivities that have been taking place at the Portlaoise Adult Education Centre.  They also make reference to our project partners and some of the project meetings that have taken place across Europe.  Hope you enjoy reading them.

Grundtvig LLP Leinster Express Newspaper Portlaoise Ireland


Grundtvig project Laois Nationalist newspaper Portlaise Ireland


Newspaper article Tenerife meeting resized

Yeast Bread

Vasiliki Vounatsou student of Second Chance School of Mytilene presented the procedure of making traditional bread based on the experience she had from her family as well as her profession. The presentation took place on Friday, the 6th of December … read more

Debate: Internet friend or foe?

Another way to apply peer mentoring is the Debate. On the 10th of December in 2013 in the SCS of Mytilene a Debate took place “Internet friend or foe?” Two groups of three learners worked on the themes of opposite … read more

Virtual Business

The project was discussed by two associations of trainers, who decided the following structure for the school year 2012-1013: The name of the project is ‘ΔΕΣ’ coming from the anagram of the Greek acronym ‘ΣΔΕ’, which is the name of … read more

Interview with Rotimi Adebari (OSW Bochum)

In our English course book Rotimi Adebari, Ireland’s first black mayor, is portrayed as an example for successful integration. As he lives in Portlaoise, we asked our partners from PAEC Portlaoise whether they could help us to contact Rotimi. So … read more