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The project was discussed by two associations of trainers, who decided the following structure for the school year 2012-1013:

The name of the project is ‘ΔΕΣ’ coming from the anagram of the Greek acronym ‘ΣΔΕ’, which is the name of our school. ‘ΔΕΣ’ aims at the development of entrepreneurial skills. The main aim of the project is the preparation of a business plan, though collaborative work between the learners and their sharing of experiences and common interests. A second aim is the application of the peer-mentoring method, by having trainees analyzing the business ideas to one another. The learners of the groups are required to share their experiences and thoughts, so that the final business plan is not only original and innovative, but also viable.

The stages of the ‘ΔΕΣ’ project are the following:

1. Formation of groups on the basis of common interests.

2. Provision of information on the ‘ΔΕΣ’ project by the trainers of the school.

3. Provision of information on the preparation of the business plan, culture and processes by local businessmen/women.

4. Creation of a list of the trainees’ business ideas through brainstorming.

5. Selection of the name of the business as well as the object of the business plan by each group.

6. Preparation and presentation (practising this way the presenting skills of the learners) of the business plan and the ways the proposed business can be run.

7. Pilot production of the goods and/or services based on the business plan and sale of these products/services so that the viability of the plan is tested.


Photovoltaic panel as a product of the group‘s business plan assembly Photovoltaic panels.

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