Germany – OSW Bochum

Overview of our institution

The German partner Ottilie-Schoenewald-Weiterbildungskolleg der Stadt Bochum (OSW) is a college of Further Education that gives adult learners the opportunity to do any kind of school-leaving examination in a second chance. A lot of our students are young adults who, caused by social disadvantages or a life in uneducated surroundings, by migration, marginalisation and political change, show discontinuities in their biographies. We also pay special attention to women’s and single parents’ issues by e.g. offering all our courses not only in the evening, but also in the morning. The foreign languages we teach are English, French, Spanish and Latin. And we put a special focus on teaching German as second language. Further, the Ottilie-Schoenewald-Weiterbildungskolleg is taking part in the e-learning-project “abitur-online”. This project offers students the chance to learn 50% from home via a learning platform and come to school only on two days per week.

Together with other colleges of adult education in the region and in Europe we are also working on the following issues:

  • Flexibilization of the further education of the individual
  • Strengthening of the individual’s personal responsibility concerning his learning process
  • Increase of the learners’ methodical competences
  • Increase of the teachers’ diagnostic and counselling competences

Overview of our subtheme “Learning to learn through peer-mentoring”

During the HELP-project OSW Bochum focuses on peer-mentoring in self-study centers. High semester students actively monitor and thus mentor “newcomers” in their learning process in the self-study center, especially focusing on learning basic learning strategies and getting re-started in a school environment. Teachers guide and assist the mentors.