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Tag der MentorInnen – Video

On 2 July 2014 we celebrated the first “Tag der MentorInnen” at OSW Bochum. Students offered 16 workshops for 150 students, such as archery, acting, dancing classes (Dancehall, Samba, round dance), Rap, Origami, a political workshop about Neo-Nazism, Ottoman writing, relaxation and meditation, poetry, Indonesian,  guitar playing, web development, FIFA 14 tournament (PlayStation) and “How to become a taxidermist” ;-). It was a wonderful day!

Interview with Rotimi Adebari (OSW Bochum)

In our English course book Rotimi Adebari, Ireland’s first black mayor, is portrayed as an example for successful integration. As he lives in Portlaoise, we asked our partners from PAEC Portlaoise whether they could help us to contact Rotimi. So … read more