Bobbi the mascot



 Bobbi is a mascot : the objective is to create a link between the different partners!

2013-11-11 11.00.47 (Copier) (Copier)Bobbi speaks in Spain: “welcome to the seminar, I am happy to visit Tenerife” 2013-11-11 11.03.13 (Copier)

 Thanks for this present , I will bring it to Bochum.

2013-11-11 11.34.11 (Copier)

There is my mother so keep calm and carry on!

2013-11-11 17.51.24 (Copier) (Copier)

The first meeting with ‘COOP’,  my french colleague

from the french delegation which comes from an agricultural school (lol)

2013-11-12 13.08.43 (Copier)

The first walk with my friend  in Tenerife.

2013-11-14 00.05.04 (Copier)The separation from the different mothers! 2013-11-14 00.05.14 (Copier)

2013-11-14 20.01.51 (Copier)


My first visit to PARIS but it is not a holiday… I am obliged to see the french work !


2013-11-27 14.26.15 (Copier)


Bobbi in the field

I like France, I already know some of the partners from another project SISTRE

2014-02-10 13.20.25 (Copier)

The seminar in London, I need to work.

2014-02-12 10.27.21 (Copier)

2014-05-12 17.02.50 (Copier)

2014-05-11 19.28.50 (Copier)

My first day at the Irish seminar.

2014-05-12 10.35.51 (Copier)

My new friend! Ha Ha

2014-05-12 10.35.51