Learning process in second language Learning :

In English Learning classes, we try to use peer-mentoring in working pairs or groups. When an exercise is given, students who have a better level than others are in the same room and available to give advice to the others.
The aim is not to make the exercise for the other but to explain how to reach the goal.
The most interesting in this case is that often, students have the proper words to explain to their peers.

Peer-mentoring in English classes by cooking
step 1 : choose traditional recipes in English
buy the ingrédients

step 2 : Use the school kitchen and separate the students into groups (2-3)

step 3 : Distribute the recipes

step 4 : the students must read and understand the recipes. That is the moment when mentors help mentees by trying to make them understand what is written. And some give advice about the cooking way. The kitchen becomes the place where real exchanges occurs.

step 5 : the students cook

step 6 : everybody share the meal.

Learning process in digital competency :

In the class of BP REA (farm manager training) two students who had real digital competencies gave two days courses to the rest of the class.