CFPPA – France

The CFPPA of Bourges is a training organisation for adults. It represents the in-service training institution of the Public Local Agricultural and Vocational Training establishment of the Cher Department, which also gathers traditional teaching and apprenticeship.The missions of the CFPPA of Bourges are mainly to qualify and give young adults the opportunity to integrate into the workplace. The aimed public is rather people coming from rural or peri-urban areas.
The two main lines in the institution missions are :

1) the qualification spreads from a vocational training certificate by apprenticeship to bachelor’s degree in agricultural and rural services fields

2) The integration into the workplace of jobseekers.

Thus we have an adult public (18 to 55 years old) who quit school very early. The integration-into-the-workplace public rejected school system and the qualifying adults are ‘back to school’.Our teaching must take into account the disparity of the learners and then apply innovating and different methods to motivate and reconcile them with school. We are therefore very fond of finding innovating teaching methods as well as educational meeting to improve our learning efficiency.

Overview of the Learning to learn basic skill:

We will try to work with two different trainings : one topic in common. The learners of a higher level will be associated to the ones of a lower ones. They are going to work on the paper research made out of the work placement on farms of some learners.

Overview of the second language Learning basic skill :

In English training, the teacher will incite the learners who have already good basis in the language to encourage and help their peers. As people come from very different backgrounds, some have never learned English. But At the end of the year the evaluated subject is one of the examination conditions.