How can we get publicity and creditability for peer mentoring?

How can we get publicity and creditability for peer mentoring?

  • Word of mouth – feedback at board level from private companies and public and voluntary organisations.
  • Feedback from the people who have been through the process.
  • Advertising through papers and internet.
  • Companies and organisations showing what goals they have achieved and cost savings they have made.
  • Demonstrating that better training is achieved through using peer mentors who have already experience.

Is it suitable for all ages?

Yes of course. The mentor and the mentee can be of different ages or of the same age. If there is a difference in the age either mentor or mentee can be the older. For example the mentor is maybe … read more

How can one become a mentor?

If you think that you are suitable as a mentor you need to find an existing programme or an institution willing to set a programme up.You need to have some knowledge that you can share with your mentee. And you … read more

How can peer mentoring help the mentor?

During peer mentoring there is an exchange of knowledge between mentor and mentee. Though the mentee is the main lerner there are also benefits for the mentor. By sharing his knowledge with the mentee, the mentor consolidates his or her … read more

How can peer mentoring help the mentee?

The mentees have contact with other students (there is an eye-to-eye-level), that makes it easy to learn Peer mentoring helps because the mentors feel and understand the mentee the mentor knows how to explain to the mentee. read more

What are the advanages of peer mentoring?

No cost / low cost. Information sharing Encourages group activity and team work Allows the shy individual to come forward, prevents control by one or two in the group Each individual gets the opportunity to bring their own expertise to … read more

What is peer mentoring?

Peer mentoring is sharing wisdom, skills and experience with others to help them grow and learn and involves a relationship where both parties learn from each other, trust each other and respect each other. read more