Greece-SCS Mytilene


2nd Chance School of Mitilini

School’s Identity: Second Chance Schools (SCSs) are public, adult education schools. They were instituted in Greece by law in 1997, following the principles laid down by European Union authorities. All of these schools come under the General Secretariat for Adult Education (G.S.A.E.) of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. Trainees follow a 2 years specialized education programme, receiving a title equivalent to secondary school diploma. The Second Chance School of Mytilene has been operating since 2003 in the island of Lesvos (North-eastern Aegean Sea).

Trainees’ profile: The institution of Second Chance Schools has been developed in an effort to combat the social exclusion of adults who have not finished basic education and do not have the necessary qualifications and skills to adapt to modern vocational requirements. People who dropped out of school due to social, financial or other personal reasons are now able to complete their compulsory (9-year) education. The adult trainees of SCSs are people of diverse age, cognitive and socio-cultural backgrounds.

Our aims: One of our main aims is to help trainees regain their confidence since most of them depict low levels of self-esteem, due to long-term feelings of failure and social exclusion. Emphasis is paid to the development of various basic skills related to the literacies being taught (Greek language, Mathematics, Information Technology, English, Social education, Environmental education, Aesthetic education, Technology and the physical sciences, Orientation career and vocational counselling). The pedagogic approaches applied focus on the trainees’ personal needs, interests and abilities, through a flexible curriculum that tries to incorporate their life experiences in the production of the educational material.

Overview of subtheme ‘Empowering Learners’

Peer-Mentoring is one of the most innovative educational methodologies applied this period in the area of adult learning. By implementing Peer- mentoring in various school activities we focus on the empowerment of adult learners, thus promoting their autonomy as learners, through activating their prior knowledge and life experiences. Moreover, we offer adult educators the chance to experiment with a less teacher – cantered methodology, enhancing their skills for better understanding and use of their students’ potentials and abilities

We applied Peer-mentoring at our school

First Students teach Students special skills and knowledge

Application in the classroom

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