OSW Bochum

In the first year (2012-13) of  the learning partnership we wanted to integrate peer-mentoring within our school structure.

Keeping in mind that our students are very limited in their time resources, the target was to enable them to work as peer-mentors without spending extra-time in school.

Therefore we had to harmonize the time tables of the lower education students (ARS) with the higher education students (Kolleg). This has now been established and mentors and  mentees regularly meet every Tuesday for 90 minutes.

In the second year (2013-14) of our learning partnership our aim was to establish peer-mentoring on a wider range and we first tried to employ mentors on a voluntary basis who were willing to spend some time doing mentor’s work in the self-study center. Due to high organisational demands we could not realize this project, so we searched for alternatives.

We decided to organize a “real” mentors’ day giving our students the chance to share their expert knowledge with their schoolmates. On 2nd July 2014 23 students offered 16 workshops for about 150 mentees, such as archery, acting, dancing classes (Dancehall, Samba, round dance), Rap, Origami, a political workshop about Neo-Nazism, Ottoman writing, relaxation and meditation, poetry, Indonesian,  guitar playing, web development, FIFA 14 tournament (PlayStation) and “How to become a taxidermist”. This experience was highly appreciated by mentors, mentees and the teachers of our institution and the concept “Tag der MentorInnen” will be integrated in the curriculum of OSW Bochum.