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Peer-mentoring process

Digital media projects – give learners the opportunity to express themselves through digital media and share their ideas, information and knowledge.  These projects focus on the methodology of peer-mentoring to develop IT skills and promote confidence in using digital technology.  There are four stages in the learning process:

  •   Research, discussions and planning
  •   Filming
  •   Editing and uploading
  •   Celebrating

Attached is a link to the ‘Learner Meeting Point’ on the wiki site where adult learners uploaded more videos from Ireland:

Peer-mentoring through numeracy – using the peer-mentoring methodology to develop numeracy skills with adult learners and provide them with logical reasoning and problem solving skills. Through developing numeracy skills learners can budget, pay bills and shop.







The stages in the learning process are as follows:

  •  Ensure mentors are familiar with the mathematical concepts being taught
  •  An experienced learner acts as a mentor to a new learner, the mentee
  •  Mentor encourages the mentee to adapt to the learning environment
  •  Bonds within the learning setting are formed

Attached are resources used in a Numeracy Workshop with adult learners during the sixth and final project meeting in Ireland:

Numeracy Workshop

Peer-mentoring through English language classes where the more advanced English language learner offers support and help to the weaker learner.

Open you eyes to Ireland-001






Pictured: Domingas Francisco Mavacala encourages students to learn English and become active citizens.

The stages in the learning process are as follows:

  • Learners are divided into mentors and mentees
  • The more advanced learner offers support and help to the weaker learner
  • Mentor encourages mentee to improve their English language skills and find their own voice

Attached is a powerpoint presentation delivered by ESOL learner Maria Rusnakova during the United Kingdom project meeting in London:

English language classes through peer mentoring

Attached is the ‘Certification of Participation’ for adult learners that have participated in the HELP project:

Certificate of participation in the HELP project

Attached is a sample evaluation form used by tutors and learners at the centre to evaluate the peer-mentoring process:

Evaluation Peer-Mentoring