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Peer Mentoring Process

Our learners who attended the Better Governance Training Programme and completed the Introduction to Teaching & Learning Course were given opportunities to co-train on Financial Management courses delivered at VAC. Some of these learners were given the opportunity to attend the Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring Course including Peer Mentoring course at VAC. The learners who attended this training were given opportunity to mentor other trustees who were on the Better Governance training programme.

Each Mentor was assigned mentees from the training programme. The areas on mentoring were on Governance and Financial Management.

The Mentors carried out their mentoring sessions at any time convenient to their mentees. None of the staff members were present at the session.

The mentors established their ground rules and expectations about the mentoring sessions with their mentees and also indicate the limits of confidentiality.

After each session, the mentor would then complete a reflective journal. These reflective journals gave them an opportunity to reflect on what went well and what were the areas of improvements which might be needed, e.g. listening skills or questioning skills.

When the mentor has completed 5 mentoring sessions, they asked the mentee to complete a feedback form to see whether the mentee were satisfied with the mentoring service.

Findings from the mentors’ reflective journals and feedback forms from the mentees are then collated and the information used at the mentors meeting.

All mentors have regular support group meeting which enabled them to discuss issues they encountered during the mentoring. Examples of topics discussed:

  •  Referral systems to be used with mentees such as government financial support website or further training and development needed.
  • Any problems or issues experienced by their mentors and how they can support them.

Peer Mentoring definition used by VAC:

Peer mentoring is a process through which a more experienced individual encourages and assists a less experienced individual develop his or her potential within a shared area of interest. The resulting relationship is areciprocal one in that both individuals in the partnership have an opportunity for growth and development.

Peers are individuals who share some common characteristics, attributes or circumstances. These may relate to age, ability, interests, etc. Peer mentors are individuals who have more experience within that common area along with additional training in how to assist another in acquiring skills, knowledge and attitudes to be more successful.

Difference between Coaching & Mentoring – some guidance for both mentors and mentees.

Resources available at VAC (please click on the title).

Benefits for Mentees document used to attract mentees on the project  

Peer Mentors Role Description

Peer Mentoring Checklist

Reflective Journal used for both mentees and mentors to look at areas of improvement for future sessions

Feedback Questionnaires developed by the Mentors and Mentees

Evaluation Tools for Mentees

Evaluation Tools for Mentors and Teachers

Bibliography and Resources used for the mentoring workshop and financial literacy training