Spain 10-14 November 2013

We met in Tenerife (Spain). It was the 4th Meeting.

CEPA Güímar organized it.

See the agenda and minute

1st working session (11th November)-

There was a short presentation of each partner: the way each institution was carrying out peer-mentoring methodology.

2nd working session (12th November)

– Discussion about the follow-up project.

– Preparation of meeting in London (February 2014)

3rd working session (13th November)

– We worked on the project website (this blog)

– We chose the project logo:




Slideshow (click on the link below)

Güímar (Tenerife), Spain (Nov 2013)

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This TV report was recorded in Candelaria (Tenerife) during our IV Meeting. It was broadcast that same evening on Radio Televisión Canaria.

The reporter interviewed our headmistress, Ms Asun Sampedro Hernández (CEPA Güímar), and one of our German partners Ms Andrea Hein (Ottilie-Schoenewald-Weiterbildungskolleg, Bochum). They talked about our Learning Association “How to Educate Learners through Peer-mentoring” (H.E.L.P.)