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PAECPortlaoise. (Irish partner)Testimonials Frances Hogan -  Adult learner  - Ireland“Through peer-mentoring I have come awaywith an enormous amount of knowledge and confidence to challenge DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERAmyself with new skills.I also have the skills to mentor other adult learners in challenging situations.Travelling to the  adult education institution in Germany gave me an opportunity to connect with fellow learners in a similar learning situation.I found my time there was very challenging, productive, enjoyable and rewarding because we participated in many peer-mentoring activities.We were all willing to put our understanding of peer-mentoring into practice to help us achieve our learning goals”.(Fances Hogan, Adult Learner,Ireland)._______________________________________________________________________Jolanta Gudauskiene ESOL Learner Ireland“Through this project I have learned about other countries and other cultures.  This peer-mentoring activity has really encouraged me to improve my English and get involved in my local community in Ireland”Jolanta(Jolanta Gudauskiene, English for Speakers of Other Languages learner, Ireland)___________________________________________________________________Padraig Hennessy Maths Tutor Ireland“I am currently implementing peer-mentoring strategies into my own teaching.  In maths classes some of the more experienced students are acting as mentors in study groups with other students.  The activities carried out in class are reinforced by the mentors as part of the study groups to assist peers and prepare them for assignments.  This method works well.  Mentors are providing a great service for their classmates, while at the same time becoming more confident in themselves and their abilities.  Mentees get the chance to revise topics they may find difficult and might otherwise be left to struggle with on their own.  This shared learning experience ensures that the bond between the tutor, mentor and mentee are formed”(Padraig Hennessy, Maths Tutor, Ireland)PAEC
Second Chance School of Mytilene A very short video of some students of SSC of Mytilene. Their opinions about Peer Mentoring. Press HERE
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“I was quite nervous in the beginning and I found it hard to be in the focus all the time but once the workshop got going, I was more confident.“ (Johannes Seifert mentored a poetry workshop)




“I really enjoyed to instruct my mentees in something I really like doing.“ (Tamur Aslan, a professional taxidermist gave a workshop on the daily tasks of this peculiar job)





When planning the workshop, it was difficult to find a structure which would keep the mentees interested.“ (Gökhan Sahin who mentored an introductory work shop to the Ottoman alphabet)


P1020567“Our mentor was incredibly patient and she showed us all the dance steps, which really helped me because normally I am too shy and don’t dance in front of other people.“ (Anonymous mentee, dancehall-workshop)




My mentor encouraged me to do something (playing a guitar)  which I thought I could never manage. It was much nicer to be instructed than to learn by yourself.“ (Anonymous mentee, guitar-workshop)




“It was great to see how well the mentors prepared their workshops and how they corresponded to the mentees needs and questions.  Both sides treated each other with the highest respect and friendliness.“ (Michael Wlochal, teacher at OSW who organised the peer mentoring day)


Voluntary Action Camden (VAC), London, UK ‘Without Celia’s (Mentor) support I would not have considered the possibilities open to me.  It was through Celia’s encouragement and support that I felt I could go ahead and do something.  By putting things in perspective, setting goals and offering ideas, considering taking the steps together we managed to set a date to have an Open Day.’ Vijya Patel, Mentee. 

‘This learning and development has helped me to feel more confident whilst mentoring; delivering presentations to small and medium size groups of people and it has also helped me to understand the different learning styles for the mentees to achieve their overall goals for them to maintain sustainability within their business.’ Julie Powell, Mentor.

‘I learnt so much on the partnership meeting and this helped me in devising another peer mentoring scheme on the Community Development Service on Mental Health. My team and I are using the resources for our mentoring such as the Reflective Diary and the Role of the Peer Mentor and various others.’ Maureen Brewster, Staff & Teacher at VAC.

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